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High Moor Derbyshire Gritstone tups reign supreme at breed sale 2019!!

Overall the trade was significantly back on 2018 but good sheep still made solid prices.

Champion on the day was our powerful home-bred shearling selling for 2,000gns to the Riley family. This was our 14th time winning the breed title but our first in about 10 years - I joke sometimes that they've been keeping our name off the trophy on purpose because no one else has won it even half that many times!

We also took the overall top price of the day (2,400gns) when our 3rd place shearling tup went through the ring - he headed home with Eddie & Peter Howard to Guide.

We had a good day securing 3/7 prices on the day. We also made a purchase of a strong boned shearling for 2,000gns to add to our breeding stock.

Notable prices: David Eggleton - 2,400gns (to Eddie Howard) Tracy Pickard - 2,200gns (to Jim Scriven) Clive Mitchell - 2,200gns (to Whitehead) David Eggleton - 2,000gns (to the Riley Family) Clive Mitchell - 2,000gns (to David Eggleton) Paul Dixon - 1,700gns (to Clive Mitchell) David Eggleton - 1,650gns (to Mr Williams)

Thanks to all those who bought tups from us - we hope they breed well for you!

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